Mental Health Services
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CLUES Mental Health Services address the mental health needs of all age groups, providing a high standard of person-centered care to promote overall individual and family well-being. We offer individual and family counseling and a support group for Latina adolescents in order to ease acculturation and create stable, healthy families and support networks. Additionally, we provide diagnostic assessments, youth case management, a sexual assault program, and community outreach and advocacy. CLUES Mental Health Services represent a safe and dignified environment where staff treat clients with the utmost respect and understanding as they overcome barriers and work toward optimal mental health.
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Chemical Health Services
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CLUES Chemical Health Services provide a non-threatening environment within the Latino community where adults and adolescents are able to work on improving their chemical dependency and drug abuse behavior patterns. We offer chemical health assessments, education and prevention classes, outpatient chemical dependency treatment, aftercare, reintegration support for families, and DUI violation mandated chemical health classes, all of which assist clients as they move into a healthy, rewarding, self-sufficient and sober lifestyle. Our linguistically appropriate and culturally proficient programs assist clients on their road to recovery and well-being while fostering a safe and dignified environment for personal growth.
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Aging Well Services
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CLUES Aging Well Services (previously named Tercer Amanecer) strive to enhance the quality of life for at-risk elders and their caregivers by equipping each with the necessary skills and support to maintain overall well-being. Our Adult Day Center offers activities for physical, mental, spiritual, and psycho-social fulfillment, and cognitive and sensory stimulation to prolong health and independence for elders. Our Caregiver Support Program provides respite opportunities and guidance to caregivers of all ages and helps them cope during the stressful periods of caring for an older loved one. CLUES’ family centric coordinated care model maintains the traditional Latino family structure, which recognizes the important contributions of its older members.
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Family Services
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CLUES Family Services offers culturally appropriate programs that help families reach self-sufficiency and increased emotional well-being. Programs aim to prevent child abuse and neglect, reduce juvenile delinquency, increase school readiness for children, promote positive parenting and resiliency in children, and increase overall family health and stability for Latino children and families. Our parent education, case management, and fatherhood programs focus on keeping families together, making them stronger, and providing them with the tools and support to grow and prosper.
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Economic Advancement Services
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CLUES Economic Advancement Services incorporates the employment and education departments, financial empowerment program, homeownership services, and the Learning Together program, under one holistic system of service delivery. This approach develops economic vitality and strives to create and sustain wealth in low-income and underserved Latino and new immigrant neighborhoods and communities. Our innovative efforts are designed to produce both short and long-term answers to the challenging economic times. We employ a linguistically appropriate and culturally proficient family centric model to assist Latino individuals and families in overcoming barriers to family stability and economic advancement. Programs are coordinated to further clients along the self-sufficiency continuum as they increase English language skills and education levels, attain and retain better jobs, learn how to support their children to succeed in school and life, learn to save, accumulate assets and improve financial knowledge to make wise choices that benefit them now, and provide security well into the future.
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CLUES Community Health Worker Services provide culturally competent and linguistically appropriate health promotion and prevention programs to thousands of individuals annually through community events, home visits, the Ventanilla de Salud (Little Window of Health), Aquí Ecuador Radio programs, and printed materials. Our Promotores de Salud (community health workers) and Jóvenes de Salud (youth community health workers) inform, educate, refer, and follow up with individuals from Latino communities on a variety of health matters, including nutrition, tobacco control, cancer screenings, health insurance, and the importance of physical activity.
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Community Health Worker Services

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