Bridge to Your Future

Bridge to Your Future

Career Training and Skills Courses

Our Bridge to Your Future classes are the perfect first step for anyone looking to advance their career, whether just beginning or looking to move up at a current job. CLUES offers free, nine-week career trainings for adults in the healthcare, construction and customer service fields.

With all career paths, participants focus on developing their skills and graduate with the industry certifications they need to get a higher paying job. All trainings are divided into two parts, with the first four weeks at CLUES, and the second 4-6 weeks at an offsite training center.

Weeks 1-4:

At CLUES (Minneapolis or St. Paul)

Develop professional skills

Resume/cover letter writing
Mock interviews
Interpersonal communication

Build computer skills

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Internet navigation
Northstar Digital Literacy Certificate

Introduction to finances:

Building credit
Managing assets

Weeks 5-9:

At off-site training center
Gain hands-on job training
Graduate with industry-recognized certificates 

Training benefits

With all our trainings, participants receive a variety of benefits, including:

Career coaching
Job placement assistance
Financial coaching
Transportation assistance
Public assistance screening

Cost: All trainings are completely free!


Become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) through CLUES and the Red Cross.

Next Training: Feb. 3–Mar. 27 at CLUES St. Paul & Red Cross Training Center


Weeks 1-4: CLUES St. Paul (797 East 7th St.), Monday-Friday, 9 am-1 pm

Weeks 5-8: American Red Cross (176 S Robert St., St. Paul), Monday-Friday, 9 am-1 pm

Credentials: Red Cross Nursing Assistant Certificate and State License upon passing of state examination

Starting pay: $16-$18/hour


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Gain eligibility for union jobs in bricklaying, finishing trades or carpentry through CLUES and one of our union-certified training partners.

Next training: Summer 2019


Weeks 1-4: CLUES St. Paul (797 East 7th St. St. Paul), Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm

Weeks 5-9: North Central States Carpentry Training Center (740 Olive Street, St. Paul)

Credentials: Eligibility for union jobs

Starting pay: $16-$20/hour


Customer Service / Office Administration

Set yourself apart from other job seekers in the office administration and customer service fields with the credentials and skills employers want to see.

Next training: Summer 2019


Weeks 1-4: CLUES

Weeks 5-8: CLUES

Credentials: National Retail Foundation certificate

Starting pay: $14-$16/hour



Our newest Bridge to Employment trainings are short, two-week trainings focused on building professional skills, including resumes, cover letters and basic computer skills. What makes these trainings special is that they end with an exclusive job fair held at CLUES. This is the ideal training for anyone looking to quickly find a higher paying job.

Next training: TBD

More Information and Registration

Open registration is every Thursday between 1-3 at both CLUES Minneapolis & Saint Paul.

For more information, contact:
Career Development Supports Navigator,, 651-379-4233