Everyday Advocacy at CLUES

April 24, 2019

CLUES plays a fundamental role in helping empower the Latino community for civic action and engagement. In difficult times, like the ones we are facing today, CLUES is committed to supporting and empowering the Latino community, providing backing for common-sense and evidence-based policy solutions, and reminding policymakers of the issues faced by our participants and communities.

CLUES is now expanding in its influence for transformational Latino community development work. We have done tremendous work around Health and Wellness, Economic Development, Educational Enrichment and Cultural Development. All of our work is done with a holistic approach, looking at the systems involved and at what changes are needed for the organization and for the community as a whole.

While we provide transactional services like individual coaching or helping someone build a family budget, our future is moving to include transformational changes for the community via engagement and advocacy with local governments, counties and the state.

We are working toward using our institutional influence to collaborate with others and make change happen. As part of that work, we are looking to our clients, patients and the community at large to see how we can provide a platform and interventions that are timely in moving our community into to socio-economic mobility.

Our goals to foster socio-economic mobility also include civic and community engagement. Our work is not only focused registering people to vote, but also providing the platforms for our participants, youth and parents to engage in conversation and actions that can impact solutions to the issues that affect them most. For example, the impact of housing and school challenges in the livelihood or wellbeing of their children. We have the capacity to provide the spaces where people can feel safe, where they shape their own agenda rather than it being imposed on them, and where communities of color are included and represented individually with all the unique strengths and knowledge they bring to the table.

We invite you to learn more about some of our most recent advocacy efforts:

Making sure everyone counts

CLUES President Ruby Lee was a guest on Conversations with Al McFarlane to discuss CLUES’ vision regarding our presence in the community and how we are invoking transformational change for all Latinos in Minnesota.


CLUES participants and staff advocate in Washington DC

A group of participants from CLUES’ youth programs attended the UnidosUS Changemakers Summit in Washington, DC, and advocated with their legislators for issues that matter to our community.


Minnesota House of Representatives

CLUES President Ruby Lee and staff presented on the impact of CLUES Workforce Development programs to the Minnesota House of Representatives. Watch this informational video to learn more about CLUES’ transformational workforce trainings and wraparound supports.


Supporting the development of Latino entrepreneurship

CLUES as a member of NALCAB headed to Capitol Hill to speak with the Hispanic Caucus’ Representatives on the importance of small business entrepreneurship.

As we work to grow our community development work, CLUES will continue our efforts to advocate for the Latino community, reinforcing their capacity to influence public policies and create a better future for themselves and all Minnesotans.

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