National Volunteer Week Spotlight 2019: Jeff Savage

April 11, 2019

Today’s National Volunteer Week spotlight honors Jeff Savage, who has served as Treasurer of CLUES’ Board of Directors since November 2013.

He brings a wealth of experience to the Board and to how we operate, contributing his financial acumen and knowledge of strategic communications, management, economic development and more to every board meeting. When Jeff joined the CLUES Board, we were operating at a significant deficit, and Jeff was instrumental in guiding CLUES leadership to move the operations from deficits to consistent operating profits each year. Jeff also provided great leadership in CLUES securing $7.5 million in financing for our St. Paul Headquarters expansion project, which included securing a $2,184,000 New Market Tax Credit. Jeff’s strong work ethic drives him to serve on every committee and spend many hours a month, aside from his duties on the Board, providing guidance to CLUES staff.

Here’s what Jeff had to say about what CLUES means to him: “CLUES means family. From day one, I felt immediately welcomed and included by everyone at CLUES. The advancement of family is completely ingrained in the culture and a key priority of CLUES.

CLUES is honored to have such dedicated members on the Board like Jeff Savage. Thank you for all you do, Jeff and all our volunteers for their service!

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