National Volunteer Week Spotlight: Sarah Gonzales-Blanco

April 19, 2018

Care, compassion and commitment. Those just a few of the words that describe Sarah Gonzales-Blanco, today’s National Volunteer Week Spotlight. As a volunteer with our VITA Tax Program, Youth in Action (YA!) Program and  Immigrant/Refugee Mural Project, she is always ready to help with whatever needs to be done.

Here’s what Sarah had to say about what CLUES means to her:

“My husband, José Carlos, moved to the U.S. in May 2014, and before he had work authorization, he wanted to improve his English. He decided to try CLUES and found a safe and welcoming environment. He signed up to attend Civics, English Language Learning and Citizenship Preparation and maintains friendships with many his classmates to this day.

Once he received work authorization, he worked with CLUES to prepare a resume – the most beautiful resume I’ve ever seen – and to update his resume as he gained new skills and work experience. Moving to a new country is scary and can be traumatic, and although he has “graduated” from CLUES, the help and services he received were and still are invaluable to his personal and professional formation in the U.S. Volunteering is the least I can do to express my extreme gratitude for all CLUES has done for him throughout the years.”

Thank you to Sarah and all our volunteers for your incredible service!

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