Boost Latino employment & homeownership

Advocate for equitable opportunities for Latinos to access untapped labor and housing markets. Increase access for youth and adults to employment pipelines, post secondary education, career planning and skill training opportunities that result in sustainable employment. Likewise, CLUES will focus its efforts in homeownership by eliminating barriers, providing access to cash and credit, and helping Latino families become knowledgeable consumers.

Advance health, education & economic equity for Latinos

Help to reduce disparities and advance equity through programmatic responses that are centered on Latino family values and social and economic factors and conditions. Through data collection, broader partnerships and increased public policy promotion, CLUES will focus on addressing institutional barriers, policies and opportunities that can improve health, education and economic disparities.

Promote and preserve Latino culture

Promote pride in Latino cultural heritage through the arts, media and cultural enrichment programs. CLUES will increase its support to efforts that highlight the cultural traditions and diversity of Latino culture. Through stronger community relations and outreach, CLUES seeks to amplify cultural engagement opportunities for children, youth and families.

Lift Latino voices

Utilize CLUES institutional leverage to promote civic engagement programs and initiatives in order to lift Latino voices at the local and national levels. CLUES efforts over the next three years will target the promotion of naturalization and citizenship, voter engagement drives and support for public policies that reform broken immigration systems.

Help us promote the well-being of Latino families